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Should I use a zip5 or zip9 when calculating tax in SalesTaxII?


I would like some clarification on the differences between using zip5 or zip9 in SalesTaxII.




Using the zip9 (zip+4) is highly recommended when doing calculations with SalesTaxII. The '+4' allows for the correct county to be returned. That is what it is used for in SalesTaxII calculations.


Using this address in Nevada as an example:


11555 S. Virginia St. 
Reno, NV  89511 9307


Using simply state and zip5:




Lavender County is returned.


Using the state and zip9:




Washoe County is returned. This is the correct country and as you can see, impacts the tax rate.


The USPS site allows you to find the zip+4 or there are many third party utilities available.





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