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Is there a utility to check sandbox and production Admin Console set ups?


You are trying to compare the sandbox and production setup in your Admin Console for troubleshooting purposes, to ensure your account setup is complete and you are ready to start using the service.


Avalara Avatax


  • We recommend starting with the Integration Self Test to verify account setup is complete

    • You must have transactions in the account for some of the review points, note the date range where your transactions are entered by looking in your Admin Console prior to using the tool

  • Go to > enter a login (either an individual username and password or an account number and license key) > enter Account number > select a Company in the drop down menu CompanyCode > enter a date in the Start and End fields > Click Run Analysis

  • This tool will verify:

    • Account:
      • Items are not mapped to P0000000 in the tax profile.  
      • Custom tax codes should not duplicate system tax codes. - No system tax codes were duplicated in the company profile setup
      • At least one company profile on the account is not flagged as test. 
    • All Transactions:
      • Transactions have been voided/cancelled. 
      • Transactions have been committed. 
      • Test transactions have meaningful document codes. 
      • Test transactions have meaningful customer code values. 
      • Transactions with more than one line item were tested. 
      • Exempt sales are reflected in the test data through use of ExemptionNo or CustomerUsageType.
      • Returns were tested with negative amounts and TaxDate overrides. 
      • Quantities represent positive values. 
      • Multiple quantity lines were tested. 
      • Shipping charges were reflected in the test data as separate line items. 
      • Multiple item codes were tested. 
      • Multiple descriptions were tested. 
      • Multiple tax codes were tested. 
      • A variety of addresses were used for testing.
      • Location Codes are passed (Optional), recommended for reporting or Location based filing. 
    • Global Transactions:
      • VAT Buyer Id is passed (Required for Global) 
      • Transaction Currency Codes were passed (Required for Global).
      • Country Codes were passed (Required for Global). 
  • Run this test against your Production and Development account to ensure the transaction test data quality matches between both environments

  • To verify specific Company settings, such as Nexus, tax rules, ecms records, items, and tax codes match:

    • Click Export at the top of the page showing that data in both accounts (Organization > Nexus, Tax Codes, Tax Rules, Items, Exemptions, etc.)

    • Compare side-by-side using a tool such as excel