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How to add custom fields on Quotes to tax calculation?


There may be custom fields on Quotes or Opportunities in Salesforce that need to get tax calculated on, in addition to the lines of the Quote or Opportunity.




  • Since we are just looking for the tax calculation to function in Salesforce on an additional field, we can use the Quote Line Detail level tax rate field that AvaTax populates.
    • That field can then be multiplied by the amount field and everything can get summed as needed to more custom fields.
  • Note: This method will not work to pass the information to AvaTax, the calculation data will be limited to Salesforce.
    • If the Salesforce data must be recorded in the Avalara AvaTax Admin Console, then the integration must have classes extended, so a new trigger can be created to include the additional fields, as lines in the API call.