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How to Copy a City Record to a New County and Link that to a Zip Code in SalesTax II


I need to copy a city record to a new county record and link it to a zip code in SalesTaxII.




Note: This should only be done after talking with Avalara Support, as making modifications to your rates and files can have unintended consequences.


  1. Go to the Maintenance Menu of SalesTaxII (MAINT)
  2. Select option 1, Rate Maintenance (TMAINT)
  3. Enter the original record, utilizing the state, county, and city codes (format: AA A001 A001), and press ENTER
  4. Press ENTER again to Copy the record.
  5. Enter the new record in the same format as the old, only with the new county code, and press ENTER
  6. At the record screen, change the description to the city name and press ENTER to save the record

NOTE:At this point, you should have two records for your selected state/city combination. Verify this with a rate inquiry before continuing.


  1. Back in the Maintenance Menu, select option 3, XREF Maintenance (ZMAINT)
  2. Enter the 5 digit start and end of the zip code range.
  3. Enter new state, county, city codes for your new record and press ENTER
  4. Press ENTER again to process - This links the 5-digit zip to the city in the new county.

After you've done this, it is imperative that you always pass the 9-digit zip to SalesTaxII, so that the system can identify which city/county record you are looking for.





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