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How do I update our filing frequency?


You need to change the frequency Avalara files sales tax for your company.


Avalara Returns


  • You must be a Company Admin or Account Admin to make these changes. All changes must be made the same month the change needs to take effect i.e. January's filing frequency changes must be made in January
  • Go to the Avalara Admin Console Tax returns Tab > Filing Calendar
  • Under "Active Filing Calendar:" Click on the form name that needs to be updated
    • Some jurisdictional forms change when the frequency changes.  If the form changes you will need to be expire the current form and a new filing calendar with the new form
  • Under "Filing Frequency" Change to desired frequency
  • Select the "Effective Period" when the change takes effect
  • Update any outdated information
  • Click Save


Note: If you missed a filing due to the notice:

  • Email your Customer Account Manager the following information:
    • Backfiling request for the previous periods missed -  include:
      • The details of the specific stateoriginal filing period (Ex: Jan - July 2013, or Q1 2012),
      • The company that needs the backfiling
  • We recommend that you analyze the transactions and reports in the admin console to confirm all transactions required for filing are in your account.
    • Note:  Document date will determine the transactions information used for the applicable return
      • Example:  Document dates of January 1 - January 31, will be filed in February (January transactions filed in February)
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