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How do I see a list of Avalara AvaTax System Tax Codes in the Admin Console?


You want to know how to see a list of Avalara AvaTax System Tax Codes in the Admin Console.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Go to Organization Company > Custom Tax Codes
    • Select the Tax Code type AvaTax instead of Custom
    • Click the Magnifying glass icon to search

Note: To help narrow your search, type a description.  For example, type "Medical" to see all Medical related tax codes.

  • For more help, try the Tax Code Search Tool
  • If you want a specific study on what tax code you should pick, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM) to have our Professional Services team reach out with a statement of work.
  • Avalara Support is not able to recommend what tax code to use, as it is a business decision.