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How do I resend a certificate to the Admin Console in CertCapture?


You would like to resend a certificate to the Admin Console so it can be applied to a sale.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Open the certificate in CertCapture and click the 'Queue API Resend' button.
  • You can also do many by going to Search > Certificate Search
    • Enter in certificate criteria you wish to send to the Admin Console and click on 'Get Results'
      • To send all certs at once, do not include any filters and simply click on 'Get Results'
      • Click on the 'Perform Action on Results' drop down menu and select 'Bulk API Resend' and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • Then check the History tab on the certificate and look for the following response:
    • API call initiated for certificate: Success.
    • If this says anything other than 'Success' your certificate did not send to the Admin Console


NOTE: You must have elevated permissions in CertCapture to see this button. if you do not, please contact your administrator.




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