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How do I reactivate my locked account?


You account has been locked from too many failed log-in attempts


Avalara CertCapture


  • Logging in with an incorrect password multiple times locks your account, contact the account admin at your company to have your account re-enabled
    • If you are the only account admin and your profile is locked, please email from your company email address requesting your user be unlocked, confirming you are the only active account admin.
    • If there is no active account admin user, send an email from company email or a letter on your corporate letterhead.
      • Must be sent from/signed by a company executive (include the title of the individual signing the communication)
      • Must include "account admin user XXX is no longer here, change CertCapture email address to XXX and reset the password so we may access the account admin user" 


​​​Note: Account admins: go to Global Admin > Manage Users > find the user who is locked and click Reset (between Assign Companies and Remove) on the line with their username > a password is sent to them and their Status is changed to Active.



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