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How do I make a custom tax code that works for clothing in New York?


How do I make a custom tax code that works for clothing in New York?


Avalara AvaTax


  • First create your custom tax code
    • Organization > Tax Code > New
  • Now you may use the Tax Rule Import file to create the rule behind your custom code
    • TaxRuleTypeID: 4
    • IsAllJuris: 1 for all jurisdictions under the level you select or 0 for only the jurisdiction you selected
    • TaxCode: Enter the custom code you created
    • Value: 1
    • Threshold: 110.00
  • Or you may contact Avalara Support to assist with creating this rule
    • Please have the following information ready and available
      • The threshold amount when clothing becomes taxable
      • Whether the amount is taxable on the entire amount or just the amount after the threshold
      • Have the initial rule set up and attached to a tax code.
      • A list of Jurisdictions in which the rule will apply 
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