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How do I Override the Tax Amount at the Document Level?


Overriding the tax amount of an invoice may be necessary for reconciliation purposes and in instances where AvaTax isn't used to calculate tax. Overriding the tax amount prevents Avalara Account from making a tax call, and simply inserts the amount of tax as the total tax. The defined amount of tax is distributed to any applicable jurisdictions based on the rates in those jurisdictions, but doesn't change the total tax.




  1. In the Admin Console, click the Transaction tab.
  2. Click the Invoice (Doc Code) number to pull up the specific document.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. On the Lines tab, for Tax Override Type, select Tax Amount.
    1. Enter the Total Tax Amount.
    2. Provide a brief description in the Tax Override Reason field.
    3. Select an option from the Adjustment Reason. If Other is selected, an explanation is required in the description field below.
  5. Click Calculate Tax.
  6. Click Save the transaction as either Uncommitted or Committed.
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