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How can I verify a bill run was posted in AvaTax from Zuora?


With specific bill runs from Zuora, it may be helpful to see that all the data was successfully recorded in AvaTax.




  • To verify AvaTax has data from a bill run in Zuora:
    • Get the bill run number from Zuora.
  • Go to the Avalara AvaTax Admin Console.
    • Go to the Tools tab.
    • Go to View Imported File Status.
    • In the Filename search filed type: "Zuora_", followed directly by the bill run (ex: Zuora_BR-00001234).
    • Search.
    • Looking at the timestamp, copy the most recent Batch Code.
  • Go to the Transactions tab.
    • Expand the date range so it is certain to get all the invoice dates from the desired bill run.
    • Paste the Batch Code into the Batch Code filter on this page and Search.
  • Verify that the total number of invoices here matches what you have in Zuora.


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