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How can I validate that my monthly rates update worked OK?


I need to check to make sure my rate update applied successfully. 





  1. TAPPLY Report

The option 13. Apply Monthly Update program produces a report called TAPPLY. This should be checked for any errors. 
The TAPPLY report, which details the results of the apply monthly rates update option, has three error/warning codes 1,2 & 3.



The possible ‘error/warning’ codes on this report are:


  • Change Record Not Found: The update tried to change to a record that did not exist. This indicates a problem with yourrates database and you should submit a case to Avalara Support to report the issue.
  • To submit a case to our Support team, please fill out this online form:



  • Add Record Already HereThe update file attempted to add a new record but the record already existed in your rates file. This is a warning only and does not indicate a problem with your system. It can be ignored.


  • Delete Not FoundThe update file attempted to delete a record that didn’t exist in your rates file. This is a warning only and does not indicate a problem with your system. It can be ignored.                                                          



  1. Spot Check Some Rate Changes

Each month, along with the rates update package, Avalara will provide a spreadsheet that details all the rate changes for the coming month. This will be called RateChanges.xls and it needs to be downloaded from your FTP folder.  Once you have completed your rates update you should use this document to spot check a few rates (use option 15 Sales Tax Inquiry). If the rate on the system doesn’t match the one in the spreadsheet then the update most likely failed.
Note: This spreadsheet contains the changes for all states. You should only check rates for states that you subscribe to.



  1. FTP Log (FTPISP Users Only)

If you think that you have experienced an update failure you should first check SV55/QTXTSRC FTPISP.LOG to confirm that the FTP of the rates file from the customer folder to their System i worked OK. Look for the line at the end of the log that says something like “0020.00  23824 bytes transferred in 0.124 seconds. Transfer rate 192.093 KB/sec.” to confirm that it worked.   If not, fix the FTP problem and try again.





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