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How can I test my Zuora token?


You do not see tax results and want to confirm your token is still valid.




  • Go to Settings > Z-Billing Settings > next step depends on version:
    • ​If you see Set Up Automatic Calls:
    • Click it to see the Avalara setup, showing Zuora user, Avalara admin console user, account number, license key, company code and Company ID and test your connection
  • If you do not see Set Up Automatic Calls click on Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates:
    • Go to Bill Run Completion | Completed Status > click Edit > copy Base URL > go to that website (Base URL)
    • If a "Bad Request" message shows, you need a new token
    • Go to and create a new token using the updated information and then enter the new token in the Bill Run Completion | Completed Status in Zuora (only replace the token after the Base URL)        





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