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How can I make a tax code nontaxable in all locals in a state?


You want an item to not have tax applied in ay county, city, or special tax jurisdiction in a particular state.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Create three rules (one rule for each jurisdiction type) via an Import making all jurisdictions of a particular type nontaxable with a Taxability rule, at a minimum fill out the required fields listed below, full template and additional optional fields here:
Column Column Heading Type (Size) Description
A TaxRuleId Integer Tax rule record number, is used to identify error lines. (E.g. 1, 2, 3)
B ProcessCode Integer

1 = Insert/update rule

C TaxRuleTypeId Integer

4 = Product taxability rule

E Country Text (2)

US = United States

F Region Text (3) 2 character state code (e.g. AL, AK, AZ, etc.)
G JurisTypeId Text (3)

Jurisdiction type: 

CTY = County 

CIT = City 

STJ = Special Tax Jurisdiction

H JurisCode Text (10)

* = An asterisk (*) indicates it applies to all jurisdictions of the type specified by JurisTypeId

K TaxCode Text (25) AvaTax System tax code or custom tax code
M TaxTypeId Text (1)

B = Both sales and use

O Value Decimal

0 = non-taxable

V Description Text (255) Rule name





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