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How can I ensure my annual return is filed accurately?


You started utilizing Avalara's returns services in the middle of the year but need an annual return filed. You would like to ensure that the return is filed accurately, including any transaction data and payments made prior to using Avalara's returns services.


AvaTax Returns


  • AvaTax uses the transaction data that is in your AvaTax account and prior payments that Avalara made on your behalf.
    • If you have transactions and payments that occurred prior to using Avalara's return services, they would not be considered for your annual return.
  • In order to file an annual return accurately, all transaction data and prior payments will need to be added to your AvaTax account.
    • To add transactions:
      • You can manually create individual transactions on the Transactions tab
      • You can add transactions in bulk utilizing the Transaction Import
      • For more information on each of these processes, please review Add or Import Transactions
    • To add prior payments:
      • You can manually add the total amount that was paid prior to using Avalara to file your returns on your liability worksheet
      • For more information on this process, please review Manage the Liability Worksheet
  • If the missing transactions and prior payments are not added to your AvaTax account, the annual return could be filed inaccurately or be overpaid.