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How can I add a monthly filing calendar for Iowa?


The Iowa Department of Revenue has stated that your filing frequency is monthly but the admin console IA filing calendar does not give that option. You would like to know how Avalara can file IA on a monthly frequency.


Avalara Returns



  • The state of Iowa does not, technically, have a monthly return.
    • Their sales and use tax returns are filed on a quarterly frequency with a monthly prepayment.
  • To set this up in the admin console, you would create a filing calendar for: 
    • The quarterly form you are expected to file
    • The monthly prepayment form labeled as IA Monthly Return (Deposit)
  • With this setup, the quarterly cycle will look like the following:
    • First month - a payment of that month's tax liability will be made.
    • Second month - a payment of that month's tax liability will be made
    • Third month - your quarterly return will be filed including all tax liability for the entire quarter, including the two prepayments that were made in the first and second months.

Note: Before any changes are made, it is advised that you confirm with the Iowa Department of Revenue how they are expecting you to file your returns.