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How can I add a credit invoice to the admin console?


You would like to know how to add a credit invoice to the admin console.


Avalara AvaTax


  • You can add transactionsHoverTT.png to Avalara AvaTax by defining a document and adding one or more lines. 
    • On the Transactions tab, select a Company.
    • Click New.
    • Add addresses:
      • Click the Origin hyperlink.
      • In the Origin dialog, type or select an address and click Validate. Click OK.
      • Click the Destination hyperlink.
      • In the Destination dialog, type or select an address and click Validate. Click OK. If no address is entered, the origin address is used for the destination address.
    • On the Document tab, complete the required fields at a minimum:
      • Document Code
      • Customer/Vendor Code
      • Document Date
      • Document Type
      • Tax Override details (if applicable)
      • AvaTaxCalc-Transactions-DocTab.png
    • The following fields appear on the Transaction Document tab and may be completed:
      • On the Lines tab click Add New Line.
      • At a minimum, complete the fields for the new line:
        • Amount (for a credit, this should be negative)

        • Quantity
        • Line No
      • You may enter separate addresses for each line using the origin and destination hyperlinks, which opened windows identical to those used for the origin and destination addresses of the document.
    • Click Add.
    • Click Calculate Tax in the left sidebar.
    • The results of the tax calculation are displayed at the bottom of the Document tab and inside each line, including information about the:
      • Tax amounts
      • Tax rates
      • Jurisdictions

        If you have selected Tax Override, then the total tax amount displays the tax override amount entered for this transaction. In such cases, the tax calculated for this transaction will be ignored by Avalara AvaTax.
    • Click Save as Uncommitted or Save as Committed.



Click Calculate Tax to recalculate after each change.

Transactions added in the Admin Console are not added to your accounting, ERP, e-commerce, m-commerce, or POS systems.