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How Do I Resolve CB-1281 when Printing, Emailing, or Exporting a Document?


I am receiving error message CB-1281 when printing, emailing, or exporting a transaction.




  • Save the document before attempting to print or email it. This message can be clicked through and by saving the document again, tax is calculated.
    • This message occurs because printing or emailing the document also saves the document. This tells AvaTax to attempt to save while the print operation is occurring resulting in two processes trying to save the same document.
  • An error message with the text "CB-1281" displays after attempting to print a new invoice before 
    • There is an error message prior to this one stating: "A modal dialog box is showing in the Quickbooks user interface. Your application cannot access Quickbooks until the user dismisses the dialog box".  
  • Click OK to display:
    • Could not read data from Quickbooks. [CB-1281]: There may be a Quickbooks pop-up window that needs to be closed first. Please try again.
    • Click OK to close the screen.
    • This error is triggered by having multiple instances of Quickbooks running simultaneously.
    • Only one instance of QB can be running at a time. This is on a workstation basis.
    • To clear the error, shut down all running instances of Quickbooks and re-launch a single instance.