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How Do I Override the Tax Date of a Transaction?


You are trying to credit an invoice back but the tax calculated is coming up different from the original invoice. The reason for this is because the tax rate has changed between the date of the original invoice to the date of the return invoice and will require a tax calculation date override.


Avalara AvaTax


  • In order to change the tax calculation date on a return invoice in the admin console:
    • Got to Transactions.
    • Click the Document Code you need to change.
    • Click Edit.
    • On the Document tab, from the Tax Override Type menu, select Tax Date.
    • In the Tax Date field select the date you wish to use for tax calculation.  
    • (Optional) Provide a brief description in the Tax Override Reason box.
    • Provide an Adjustment Reason.  Note: If Other is selected, an explanation is required in the description box below.  
    • Click Calculate Tax and save the transaction.


Note: This will only affect the tax calculation date. The invoice date determines what period this transaction will fall under.




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