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How Do I Get My Monthly Rates Updates for SalesTax II?


I need to update my SalesTax II rates


SalesTax II 


  • First create a TXT member in SV55/QTXTSRC called GETUPDPKG.
    • (Note: If QTXTSRC does not exist, then you will need to create it.)
  • Put the following 5 lines into the text member, case is important.
  • The username, password &  FTP999_company values should have been previously supplied to you by your Avalara support person.
    • Note: The GET command is setup to replace the data in your update file. However, for the first run we recommend that you make sure SV55/UPDPKG is empty.
    username  password
    CD FTP999_company
  • Once completed, the UPDPKG file in SV55 should now have data
    • (Use command DSPPFM SV55/UPDPKG to check).
  • If UPDPKG does not have data then please contact:
    • If possible send a copy of the FTPISP.LOG that will be automatically created in SV55/QTXTSRC.
  • If UPDPKG does have data then run menu option 13 from the SalesTaxII menu to apply the updates to your system.
    • Note:  If, when you take option 13, you are ejected from the SalesTaxII menu then you have not been setup in menu security for that option (See section X – Menu Security in the SalesTaxII user manual).
  • Example
    • Let’s say that your Avalara support person sent you the following details;
User name: ftp_wilco
Password:  mypassword
Download folder: FTP999_Wilco
  • Then your script would look like this:
ftp_wilco  mypassword
CD FT999_Wilco


  • Automation
    • This procedure can be automated into the job scheduler or another month end process by first calling the FTPISP download program (Hint: prompt the FTPISP command for the default parameters) and then by calling the update program, APYTAXUPD.
    • Here is how it is done.: