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Does Avalara calculate and file Puerto Rico Sales and Use Tax?


You would like to have AvaTax calculate Puerto Rico tax and file the returns


Avalara AvaTax


  • AvaTax does calculate tax on Puerto Rico transactions and file returns for PR.
  • To calculate tax
    • Activate Puerto Rico nexus
      • PR is listed under the United States state list
    • For your Puerto Rico addresses, list PR as the State Code and US as the Country Code
      • Since PR is a US territory, it will function just like a regular US state. You can validate these addresses and will use the same address format for other US addresses
  • To file returns
    • Register to calculate tax and file in Puerto Rico
      • If you would like Avalara's assistance registering, please reach out to your Customer Account Manager and request Professional Services
    • Go to Tax Returns > Filing Calendars and add one of the Puerto Rico filing calendars



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