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Does AvaTax inform me when I have a new jurisdiction that I need to register in?


You want to know if Avalara AvaTax has a feautre that alerts you there are sales in a district where you are not currently collecting to let you know you need to register. for instance, a new customer in a new city in Colorado, does the system notify to register for sales tax in that new jurisdiction.


Avalara Avatax


  • There is no feature in AvaTax that informs you that a jurisdiction must be registered in.
  • There is a feature in the "Tax Returns" tab under "Manage Filing Calendars" that will list jurisdictions you have collected tax in that we have no filing information for.
    • You must be enrolled in Returns to see this.
  • The Tax Return report Sales Tax Exemption Detail by Jurisdiction shows sales which had no tax because the jurisdiction is not selected in Nexus, this shows information based on jurisdiction level, so you must select City in the report filter


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