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Do I need to import transactions for a quarterly return?


You want to know if you need to import sales which you processed before using Avalara for the purpose of filling your quarterly returns.


Avalara AvaTax

Avalara Returns


  • You need to make sure that all sales which need to be included in the quarterly return are in the Avalara Admin Console, most customers import them:
    • Import with the tax calculated previously using process code 1 and the tax amount in the TotalTax column (column AP)
    • To have Avalara calculate the tax amount, use process code 3


Note: You only need to add transactions if they are not already in the admin console and you want them to show on your reports, or be included in a return Avalara files. If we do not file your returns and you do not need the Avalara reports updated, you can ski[p this step.