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Can Sales Orders be viewed in the Admin Console?


You would like to review the details of a Sales Order in the Admin Console


Avalara AvaTax


  • This will depend on the AvaTax integration you use and how the Sales Orders are calculated
    • Some AvaTax integrations, like Sage 100, will send an Uncommitted copy of the Sales Order to the Admin Console
    • The Order will them be Committed as an Invoice when the transaction is posted in your accounting system
  • Most AvaTax integrations will not list the Sales Orders in the Admin Console
    • You will not see a copy of the transaction until the Sales Order is converted into an Invoice and posted.
  • If you are using the AvaTax API, you may choose to include a Post Tax call on your Sales Orders
    • This will show an Uncommitted copy of the transaction in the Admin Console
  • If you manually enter a Sales Order in the Admin Console Transaction tab, then you will see a copy of the saved transaction
    • This can be in committed or uncommitted status.

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