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How do I resolve error Tax detail record could not be found in Micrsoft Dynamics Nav?


You want to know how to resolve the error message, "A Tax Detail record could not be found within the following parameters:/ Tax Jurisdiction Code: AVATAX, Tax Group:, Effective Date <=09/09/14.% for ...:" in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009


  • Go to Financial Management > Setup > Sales Tax > Tax Details 
    • Map Tax Jurisdiction Code (with AVATAX) with a Tax Group Code (that is used with the item, G/L  or resource, etc) by inserting a line into this form.
    • This issue may also be solved by setting Tax Jurisdiction Code to "AVATAX" and leaving the Tax Group Code blank. ​File:kb/001/How_do_I_resolve_error_Tax_detail_record_could_not_be_found_in_Nav?/freightwatch2.png

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