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Why is there a balance due on a transaction, after a POS Payment has been made in NAV?


You calculated tax on a transaction and invoiced your customer. After your customer paid the bill, you noticed that there is an additional balance due and the tax amount has changed from the original copy of the invoice.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • When you make a POS Payment on an invoice using AvaTax, this invoice is recalculated using the date the payment was made
    • If there has been a settings change in your Admin Console or NAV environment, or a tax rate update to the jurisdictions used to determine tax, you could receive a different tax calculation.
    • For example, you create an order in January 2017. The date used to calculate tax and retrieve the tax rates is in Jan 2017. Then your customer receives the invoice and pays the bill in February 2017. When the POS Payment is applied, the transaction is recalculated using the date of Feb 2017.