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How to use Entity Use Codes in Dynamics NAV?


We need to exempt a transaction using an Entity Use Code in Dynamics NAV


  • Go to Administration > AvaTax > Setup > Configuration > General Tab
    • Make sure Enable Entity Use Code has been checked
      • general.png
    • Verify that the Entity Use code exists by clicking on the Entity/Use Code button
      •  If the Entity Use Code you would like to use is not in the list, create it by:
        • Selecting a blank line from the list
        • Enter the Entity Use Code
        • Add a Description
          • EUC.png
  • To assign the Entity Use Code to a customer go to Administration > AvaTax > Setup > Utilities > Entity\Use Code Mapping:
    • No:
      • Click on the arrow in the field to open the Customer List
      • Select the customer
      • Click OK
    • Code:
      • Click on the arrow in the field to open the Ship-To Address List
      • Select a Code
      • Click OK
    • Name: Will be populated automatically with the Name of the customer
    • Entity Use Code:
      • Click on the arrow in the field to open the Entity Use Code List
      • Select an Entity Use Code
      • Select OK
    • ​​EUCM.png
  • Once this has been mapped, then the Customer's specific Ship-To Address will now have the Entity Use Code enabled.
  • NOTE: The Entity use code cannot be assigned at the line level.
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