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How do I Upgrade the Dynamics NAV Connector?


You need information on how to upgrade the Dynamics NAV Connector


Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • First, download the new version of AvaTax
    • Log into the Admin Console and go to Home > Get Started > 3. Download and Install integration software
    • Download the install file and extract the installer from the .zip file.
  • Then, pull up Add/Remove Programs (if you are a Windows user) and uninstall the current AvaTax software
    • Once the uninstall is complete, log back into NAV as SA and clear out all AvaTax codes and tables
  • Next, run the AvaTax installer.
    • If you have an existing installation, the installer will confirm whether you want to upgrade your existing version. Click Yes to continue.
  • Finally, after the installation is complete, ensure that either you or your implementation partner merges the latest code with your existing AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics NAV version.  
  • To confirm that the install/upgrade is successful:
    • Log into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 
    • Go to Home > Departments > AvaTax > Setup > Administration > AvaTax Configuration and click on Verify Credentials. The Succeeded message indicates a successful connection.
    • It's recommend to attempt in a test environment before rolling over to Production.