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Why am I unable to successfully run the AvaTax GP Installer?


The AvaTax for Dynamics GP software fails to install


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Depending on the error, this is usually caused by inadequate permissions on the company network or computer
    • Please review any error received and look for specific messages or file names/paths listed.
      • This will usually give an idea of where the error is occuring and if the issue is software related, network related, installer related, etc
      • The example below shows an error with the Windows Server installation dll. This was resolved by the customer by updating their server.
    • Example:
    • error.PNG
  • Other possible errors are Error 1613: The specified account already exists.
    • This is related to missing or corrupted .msi files or a need to update server software
      • First start with deleting the original AvaTax install file, then download a install file, and retry the installation/update.
  • Another possible issue is related to an incorrectly set up company in GP
    • To resolve this, drop the company in GP, recreating it as a new company and retry the installation (as Admin)





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