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What is a Site ID within Dynamics GP and how does it interact with AvaTax?


You want to know what a Site ID within Dynamics GP and how it interacts with AvaTax.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Site ID is a location value held within GP that defines where inventory is being shipped from on a given transaction.

    • This value contains address and contact information for the specific origin location.

    • Within Site Maintenance you can manage which bins inventory items are transferred from when product is shipped, define what inventory management policy to follow on a per location basis, and assign specific items to specific sites.

    • Examples of sites include: stores, warehouses and work centers.

  • The Site ID is located on the header of the Sales transaction entry window (top right).

  • There is also a line level site ID value. This means a user could have multiple site values on the same transaction.

  • Within the GP menus, Site IDs can be accessed via the path: Cards> Inventory> Site

  • In regards to AvaTax, the Site Id determines the origin address of a given transaction. This means that it is important to have an accurate address value attached to the site in order to calculate tax.

  • If there is no site ID assigned to transaction, we will default to the main company address found within Company Setup.

  •  A blank site ID can cause the error “An address is incomplete/invalid” when calculating tax, address is required for use with Avalara AvaTax


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