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How to resolve the error, "Error: No Account has been specified for one or more distributions"?


When trying to calculate tax in Dynamics GP, you receive the error:

"Error: No Account has been specified for one or more distributions"

You then have to go back to the transaction, manually select a distribution account, and recalculate


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Please review the setup of the AVATAX tax schedule in GP
    • Go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP button in the top left corner > Tools > Setup > Company > Tax Schedules. 
    • Select the Tax Schedule ID of 'AVATAX' and move it to the right side of the screen with the Insert button
    • Once you see the AVATAX schedule under the Right column, click the link "Select Tax Detail IDs"
      • The Account field should have an entry listed. If it does not please select one and save
    • gpschedule3.JPG