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How do I override an exemption in GP?


You have a customer who is exempt because he has a valid re-sale certificate in Avalara CertCapture for their shipping state, but they have an order that will not be covered by that certificate and it is going to the same location. You want to know how to force the system to collect taxes even though there is a certificate on file for that state.


Dynamics GP
Avalara CertCapture


TAXABLE exemption reasons do not flow to AvaTax from CertCapture using GP. To override an exempt transaction to make it taxable, you can do this on the customer record or on the transaction in GP.

  • Enable Entity Use Codes in your GP configuration
  • Go to Tools > Setup > System > Avalara AvaTax > Entity/Use Codes
    • In the Entity/Use Code ID field
    • Type 'TAXABLE'
    • Click 'Save'
  • To apply the entity use code 'TAXABLE' on the transaction by clicking 'Ship To Address'. 
    • On the customer address maintenance card
    • Click 'Additional' 
    • Click 'AvaTax Entity/Use  Code'
    • Select 'TAXABLE' as the Entity/Use Code ID
  • Remember to remove the word 'TAXABLE' from the address card if this was for a single transaction.