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How do I drop the AvaTax tables in GP?


You are receiving error related to AvaTax for GP and all other troubleshooting steps have failed. So, you would like to drop the AvaTax tables.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • In some instances in AvaTax for GP, errors that can not be overcome require dropping our tables in SQL, to repair the connector.
    • The primary data in the tables is historical data about existing transactions that is not displayed anywhere, for the majority of our clients.
    • Note: Dropping the AvaTax tables should never be the first line of troubleshooting. This process should be used after all other attempts to fix the issue have failed
  • NOTE: Only a qualified GP administrator / DBA should perform this operation. A backup of your entire database is highly recommended before proceeding. Any customizations made that mine data from our tables will be erased when this procedure is performed.
  • To Drop AvaTax tables:
    • Dynamics GP > Maintenance > SQL
    • Database: (each database once)
    • Product: Avalara
      • Highlight all Tables
      • Click Drop Tables
      • Click Drop Autoprocedures
    • Click Process
    • Examples:
      • Company Database, Product Avalara
      • L_C64A.tmp.PNG
      • Dynamics Database, Product Avalara
      • L_30CE.tmp.PNG




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