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How do I disable AvaTax in Microsoft Dynamics GP?


You would like to know how to disable AvaTax in Microsoft Dynamics GP for a specific company to prevent Microsoft Dynamics GP from communicating with AvaTax. This disables tax calculation and address validation.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • AvaTax must be installed for all companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • If you have a company that you do not want to use AvaTax, address validation and automatic calculation must be disabled for that company.
    • ​This can be done by navigating to the AvaTax configuration (Microsoft Dynamics GP→ Tools→ Setup→ System →Avatax →Configuration)
    • "Disable Tax Calculation" is found on the "Tax Calculation" tab 
    • "Disable Address Validation" is found on the "Address Validation" tab
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