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How do I create credit memo in GP?


How can we create a credit memo in GP?


Dynamics GP


  • Please make sure that you have the "AvaTax Integration for Receivables Transaction Entry" is enabled.
    • For more information on how to do this please click Here.
  • Create a new Credit Memo (document type) in Receivables Transaction Entry 
    • Specify the Customer ID, Address ID, etc. 
    • Select a Shipping Method 
    • Ensure the Tax Schedule ID is AVATAX 
    • Enter the Credit Amount 
  • Select AVA RM Override from the Additional menu 
    • Set the Tax date to the date of the original invoice 
    • Click Save 
  • Calculate tax via the Additional menu, or by clicking the right-pointing arrow next to the Tax amount field. 
  • Save the invoice. 




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