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How do I assign Entity Use Codes to Customer records in Dynamics GP?


You need to assign an entity use code to your customers.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • To find this utility in the Customer Maintenance dialog box, follow these steps:
    • At the top left of the Customer Maintenance dialog box, click Address ID.
    • In the Customer Address Maintenance dialog box, on the Additional menu, click AvaTax Entity/Use Code.
  • You may use the AvaTax pre-populated Entity Use Codes or create your own.  
    • To create your own Entity use code, simply type the code in the Entity Use Code field, and select Save.  
      • Accept the new Entity Use Code when prompted.
  • To use the Entity Use Codes provided by the Avatax Integration:
    • In the AvaTax Entity/Use Code dialog box, click the Search (magnifying glass) icon.
  • DGP_CustomerMaintenance_EntityUseCode1.png
  • In the AvaTax Entity Code Lookup dialog box, click any entity/use code, and then at the upper left, click Select.
  • DGP_CustomerMaintenance_EntityUseCode2.png
  • In the AvaTax Entity/Use Code dialog box, at the upper left, click Save.
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