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How can I control sourcing in GP?


You want to know how to force an invoice to tax at either the destination or origin address in Dynamics GP


Microsoft Dynamics GP


The origin and destination addresses are pulled at the line level in our GP Integration. This means that although you will see addresses at the header level in GP (and in AvaTax), those addresses are not being used for tax purposes. Below we will cover how to find the origin and destination addresses being passed to the service.


  • Origin: This address is sourced from the Site ID on each line. In order to see the address being used you can click the hyperlink for Site ID on any line in Sales Transaction Entry
  • Destination: This is sourced from the Ship To address on the line level. Once the line is open in GP you can click the blue arrow to the right of the Ship To address to see the actual address that is being passed to the service.

Forcing origin based sourcing:


  • Open up the Shipping Method Setup window for the shipping method you have selected at the header of the sales transaction.
  • Select the radio button for pickup.
  • Doing this will cause the Site ID to be passed as both the origin and destination in tax calls.

Forcing destination based sourcing:


  • Select the Tax Schedule ID of AVATAX-POD at the header of the sales document.
  • Doing this will cause the ship to address to be sent across as both the origin and the destination in the tax call.
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