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How Do I Add Entity/Use Codes in Dynamics GP?


You want to know how to add entity/use codesHoverTT.png to customer records in Dynamics GP.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


In order to assign an Entity Use Code in Dynamics GP you need to open the Ship To address in Address Management:

  • To open the Address Management screen for the ship to address, in the customer card or on the invoice click the SHIP TO:  address.
  • Click the Additional menu.
  • Click the Avatax Entity Use Code.  
  • In the Entity Use Code field, search for or type the desired entity use code.
  • Click Save.

When mapping entity/use codes to an address record:

  • You can simply add a new one and when it prompts you to accept click Yes.
  • You can also add new entity/use codes for mapping by going to Tools> Setup> System> Avatax> Entity/Use Codes
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