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Why is the date 11/30/1999 used as a Tax Date on a Return in GP?


You see no tax on your return and when you open it in the AvaTax Admin Console you see a Tax Override date of 11-30-1999 and you want to know why and how to resolve.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • GP pulls the tax date from the original when you create returns from another transaction in GP, the default date 11/30/1999 is only used if you create the return some other way
  • ​To update the tax date manually in Dynamics GP > open the Return
    • Click on one of the lines on the Return
    • Click on Sales Item Detail Entry button (blue arrow above the Item Number pointing to the right)
    • Click on Additional
    • Click on Ava-Tax Override Line Details
    • Locate the Tax Date field and enter the desired date
  • Follow the above steps for every line on the Return
  • Process sales tax and invoicing as normal.
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