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Why is Avatax not calculating tax on Credit Memos in Dynamics GP?


Attempting to process a credit memo in Dynamics GP, however no tax is being calculated even though "Avatax" is set as the transaction tax schedule.


Dynamics GP


Credit Memos are most commonly done in the Accounts Receivable module in Dynamics GP.  This needs to be enabled in the GP Connector Configuration:

  • At the upper left on the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, go to Tools > Setup > System > Avalara AvaTax, and then clickConfiguration.   In the Avalara AvaTax Configuration dialog box, click Tax Calculation.


  • Locate the AvaTax integration for Receivables Transaction Entry and put a check in the checkbox:


  • You may also select Tax Amount Adjustment functionality via Receivables Transaction if you want to enable tax adjustments on Accounts Receivables documents.


  • Click OK at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.