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How can you make a tax only credit in Dynamics GP?


You needs to make tax only credits in GP


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010


  • In Avatax Config page, Tax Calculation tab, make sure that AvaTax Integration for Account Receivables Entry and Tax Amount Adjustment functionality via Receivables Transaction Entry are both checked.
    • You'll need to be logged in as SA and everyone must be logged out of GP to make this change.
  • Then in the credit memo, after you have entered customer, click on Additional and then AVA RM override.
    • Fill in the necessary info to complete process.
    • Ensure that the tax schedule is still listed as AVATAX, and enter a tax amount
    • Hit OK
    • On the popup window, enter the tax schedule as AVATAX again, and enter the tax amount and hit OK/save
  • Your tax only credit should be on the admin console