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How can I flag customers as exempt using AvaTax for Dynamics GP?


You want to know how to make a customer exempt using Avalara AvaTax for Dynamics GP.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Exemption Number field
    • Sending any value in this field will flag the transaction as exempt.  
    • Customer Maintenance > Options Tax Exempt 1 (Data stored in the Tax Exempt 2 field is ignored.) ( this is an across the board exemption). 
      • If you are adding an exemption after creating an invoice, please ensure that the Tax Exempt 1 Field on the transaction header is populated as well, to ensure the information is passed to AvaTax
  • Entity/Use Code field
    • This is a field that is available at customer level and allows you to exempt a transaction by passing a pre-coded exemption reason (e.g. G for Resale). 
    • Customer Maintenance Ship To Address > Additional > Entity/Use Code.
    • Keep in mind that customized screens may hide this field and you have to enable entity use code in the GP configuration (this is linked to ship-to addresses)

Next Steps

The methods above enable you to mark a transaction or customer exempt in GP, see Who You Exempt for methods to manage your customer's full exemption information, including storage of certificate images.