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How do I uninstall Avatax for Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector?


You are upgrading to a new version of the AvaTax for AX connector, and want to know the best way to uninstall the old connector.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


  • The first step to uninstalling Avalara Avatax for Dynamics AX is to run the uninstall wizard from inside AX. To do that please go to Avatax> Setup> > Uninstall.  Then follow the instruction on the form.
  • Go to each AOS where Avalara Avatax is installed (and possibly the SQL server) and remove the local piece by going to Control Panel > Programs and Features> Avalara Avatax for Dynamics AX> Uninstall. That will unregister the existing Avatax dll file.


  • Final step is to uninstall the model file from our AX environment. Perform the action in all AOS.

Uninstall a model (Windows PowerShell)

  • On the Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Microsoft Dynamics AX Management Shell.

  • At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, PS C:\>, type the following command, and then press ENTER.

    Windows PowerShell

    Uninstall-AXModel -Model AvaTax_ISV.axmodel

    This command uninstalls the specified model. By default, a confirmation request is displayed.


Uninstall a model (AXUtil)

  • On the Start menu, click Command prompt.

  • Navigate to the directory for the management utilities. Typically, the location of this directory is %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\ManagementUtilities.

  • At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER.

    axutil delete /model:AvaTax_ISV.axmodel
  • Restart AOS(s).
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