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How do I add a custom Entity Use Code in Dynamics AX 2012?


You want to add a new entity use code in Dynamics AX 2012


Dynamics AX 2012


To add a custom entity use code:


  • Navigate to Administration.
  • Locate AvaTaxClick the "+" sign in front of Setup
  • Click on Entity Use Codes 
  • In the Entity Use Code Dialog perform the Following:
  • Click in the grid
  • Add new (Click on New Icon, Press Ctrl+N or Click File > New) 
    • In the Entity\Use Code column enter the name of your new custom Entity Use Code
    • Please ensure it is spelled EXACTLY as it is in AvaTax 
    • In the Description column enter the description of that code 
    • Click the Save Icon
  • Exit the Entity Use Code utility.





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