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Can I change the username of “avatrusteduser, a” so that it shows which Dynamics AX user created the certificate request in AX?


In the Certificate Request Manager you see some of the requests are owned by "avatrusteduser, a". You recognize that these requests were made through your AX system, and want to know if the username of the user in AX that made the request can be listed instead of "avatrusteduser, a".


Dynamics AX
Avalara Certs


  • The AX system communicates with Avalara Certs through it's own user ID which cannot be customized, it is essentially hard coded into the software.
    • The AX system communicates with Avalara Certs through it's own user ID.
    • You see this user ID as the name "a avatrusteduser" because the username is not particular to your system.
    • It shows as that name for all AX customers, and also for customers using Netsuite, Sage 300, etc.
  • The reason that you do not see a particular username for the AX user that made the certificate request is that the AX user is not actually communicating with Avalara ​ Certs:
    • You as an AX user go into AX, and tell the AX program to send a request.
    • AX calls out to the Avalara ​Certs service to send the request.
    • The user profile of your AX user is not actually calling out to Certs (AX is), so your user's information is never passed to the Certs system.