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How do I turn on address validation in Magento?


You see that the addresses on your Magento sales are not updated in a standardized way or corrected and you want to use our address validation functionality within Magento to accomplish this.





  • Login to Magento with Administrator permission
  • Go to System
  • Click on Configuration
  • On the right side, click on Tax (depending on your Magento version, this may appear under Sales on the left)
  • Scroll down to Shipping Address Options
  • Under Address Validation, select Enabled + Prevent Order or Enabled + Allow Order ("Allow" not recommended)
    • Enabled + ​Prevent Order requires a customer to provide a valid address before they can check out
    • Enabled + Allow Order allows a customer to check out without a valid address - this can result in $0 tax
  • Click Save
  • Your Magento store will validate shipping addresses
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