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How do you change the Tax Code an item is mapped to within Magento?


You would like to add or change a tax code




  • Item mapping in Magento is a two step process:
    • Sales > Tax > Product Tax Class > Add New 
      • Enter tax code and name the class > Save Class
    • Catalog > Manage Products > using the filter and locate the product in question.
      • Select Product > click on it to view attributes > select tax class from the drop down > Save
  • Mapping is now complete and the item should be calculated using the taxability behind the tax code entered

Note: By default, Magento passes freight as a line item called Shipping and it is hard coded to pass FR020100 as the tax code. Create an item called "Shipping" in the Admin Console and map it to the desired tax code. The mapping in the Admin Console will override the tax code passed from Magento.

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