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Can you send a location code using the REST API?


I am trying to send the location code through REST API and am receiving errors.


Avalara Avatax


LocationCode isn't available in RESTv1. RESTv2 does support passing a LocationCode in the Address Block of a request. Note with RESTv2 the LocationCode is a separate attribute for each address block input (you do not pass the LocationCode in Line1). AddressLocationInfo { locationCode (string, optional): If you wish to use the address of an existing location for this company, specify the address here. Otherwise, leave this value empty. , line1 (string, optional): Line1 , line2 (string, optional): Line2 , line3 (string, optional): Line3 , city (string, optional): City , region (string, optional): State / Province / Region , country (string, optional): Two character ISO 3166 Country Code , postalCode (string, optional): Postal Code / Zip Code , latitude (number, optional): Geospatial latitude measurement , longitude (number, optional): Geospatial longitude measurement }"
In the mean time, if you need to use LocationCode as part of your real-time calculation, you will need to use the SOAP API.



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