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Why is the transaction I added not in the Liability Worksheet?


You added a transaction to the Admin Console that is committed with a document date and state that should make it apply to a particular tax return, but it is not reflected in the liability worksheet. You want to know how you can get the liability worksheet adjusted so the return will be filed correctly.


 Avalara Returns



  • Review reports to make sure the total value in your account is as expected, suggested reports:
  • Adjust transactions if necessary, based on report review
    • Transactions take up to an hour (on average) to be included in reports
  • The Liability Worksheet can be manually rebuilt from the Admin Console
    • Click Tax Returns > Liability Worksheet
    • Select the Jurisdictions to be rebuilt from the drop down list
    • Press the Rebuild Worksheet button
  • Liability Worksheet​automatically rebuilds with the same data as reports 4 times a day
    • The next automatic data rebuild for that state will include the adjusted data

Note: We suggest reviewing your data and making all necessary changes at once, so the next automatic update will include all changes. If you wait to make additional adjustments, another automatic rebuild will be required to update the data in the Liability Worksheet

Next steps

To learn how to manage your liability worksheet, attend the Liability Worksheet webinar.

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