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Why does the Liability Worksheet say Processing?


You want to review the liability worksheet and approve the amounts due, but the lines say processing.


Avalara Returns


  • Processing means your liability worksheet is rebuilding. This process can take up to 30 minutes or an hour depending on how many transactions are rebuilding. 
  • To restart a processing state which appears to be stuck or to manually update a state:
    • Click Returns > Liability Worksheet > Please Select Jurisdictions for Rebuilding
      • Select the states/jurisdictions you want to rebuild
      • Click Rebuild Worksheet
    • The liability worksheet now begins the rebuild process.
  • Click here to see a click-by-click instructional walkthrough of how to update your processing status in the Admin Console


Note: Updating the liability worksheet to see a revised liability in the return is only possible before the return has been approved. If adjustments are needed after the return has been approved, you must contact Avalara Support. Adjustments can be made only until 5 pm Pacific on the 10th, unless an extension has been purchased.

Next steps

To learn how to manage your liability worksheet, attend the Liability Worksheet webinar.